Bill Ray for County Executive, Candidate in St. Louis

Meet Bill

I’m running for County Executive in St. Louis County because we lack cooperative leadership. And the problems come from the top.

We haven’t seen real cooperation in county government in years. And, that means we haven’t seen meaningful change that benefits the people and businesses of St. Louis County. Sure, the donors are getting theirs, but that’s not what this about. I want to make real progress to lead us into the future.

We need to focus on justice and economic security for all. Since the events in Ferguson in 2014 we have been through much as a community. Our resiliency doesn’t come from walking past people in crisis. We are the people who cross the street to help our neighbors.

Families go through a lot as time passes. Since Ferguson, our family has been strained with passion on all sides. We have invested in a better public safety and justice system. I want to make St. Louis County feel like home to all again. That’s our strength. We need to heal and the only way to heal is to address the wounds.

I promise we can and will do this together.

Bill Ray


From St. Louis to Charlottesville and back…

Bill Ray was born in St. Louis and began his life in public service at the age of 11, when his father, Bill Ray, Sr., got him involved in volunteer work for local food banks delivering meals to needy families during the holidays. His father introduced him to civic engagement and worked tirelessly on behalf of local campaigns and initiatives throughout his high school years.

Bill Ray attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville where white supremacists and Klan members recently shocked the world with their brazen hate speech. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Foreign Affairs. Bill Ray continued his civic engagement while working through his parent’s separation.

In 2006, his sister and father both passed away. Bill re-dedicated his focus on public service. He volunteered on local campaigns for mayors, state representatives and other local officials.

Bill worked on the successful reelection campaign of former County Executive Charlie Dooley and spent four years with the administration addressing county and regional issues. He aided residents, business owners, non-profits and elected officials as a resource for programs and connecting organizations in need.

After the divisive 2014 Election cycle, he went on to work as Communications Director for the business licensing office in the City of St. Louis. Then with great interest in helping the development of small businesses, he worked as Missouri Outreach Manager for a national nonprofit small business advocacy organization, educating entrepreneurs on access to capital, and implementation of healthcare, wellness and retirement programs within their business.

Today, Bill works with a real estate brokerage firm specializing in commercial and residential development, leasing and sales.

Bill is now a candidate for St. Louis County Executive where he intends to work with all communities to make St. Louis County a better place.