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Bill Ray for St. Louis County

P.O Box 11665

St. Louis MO 63105


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

A movement has begun in St. Louis County, Missouri.

The world is watching and we need change.  The current administration does not have it in them to address the needs of the people hurting the most.  Instead of reaching out to progressive leaders we have seen citizens locked out of the discussions and locked up for free speech.

I ask you to support my campaign for county executive to show there are those who will listen.  There are those who can work with citizens to form the government they want.  This is a local movement.  There are three candidates and only one who is not from the establishment wing of the Democratic Party and only one who will bring progress to our community.

I am making healthcare, economic empowerment, social justice and jobs my priorities.  While the current administration wouldn't even bring a vote up for a minimum wage increase they started selling off park lands and open space to corporate donors and private clubs.

We need change and we need your support for that change to happen. A contribution to our campaign for $5, 10 or 25 makes all the difference today. And trust me, I know how to stretch a dollar.

I need you to join me and bring about the change we need.

Bill Ray