Meet Bill

Meet Bill

I’m running for County Executive because we lack cooperative leadership in St. Louis County. And the problems come from the top.

We haven’t seen real cooperation in county government in years. And, that means we haven’t seen meaningful change that benefits the people and businesses of St. Louis County. Sure, the donors are getting theirs, but that’s not what this about. I want to make real progress to lead us into the future.

We need to focus on justice and economic security for all. Since the events in Ferguson in 2014 we have been through much as a community. Our resiliency doesn’t come from walking past people in crisis. We are the people who cross the street to help our neighbors.

Families go through a lot as time passes. Since Ferguson, our family has been strained with passion on all sides. We have invested in a better public safety and justice system. I want to make St. Louis County feel like home to all again. That’s our strength. We need to heal and the only way to heal is to address the wounds.

I promise we can and will do this together.

Bill Ray

Mission Statement

We seek to govern by providing the maximum benefit for the citizens and businesses of St. Louis County according to their investment in themselves. To partner and seek opportunities which can be shared with all. To provide the highest quality of life to people from all walks of life and to protect our citizens in all manner of injustice.