On the Issues


Criminal Abuse

For too long, regional leaders have failed to address criminal activity in our region.  Domestic abuse is on the rise and we have become too well known for gun violence.  I will go after these criminal behaviors head on drawing from our regional assets in health, economic development, and social service network.  We need to give the proper tools to our public safety system to address these issues.  The county executive may not run the St. Louis County Family Courts, but their budget comes from St. Louis County and we need to hold them accountable.  We need cooperative leadership to address crime in the region and I intend to make it my top priority.

St. Louis City/County cooperation, reentry, merger

This is a regional conversation and a real  leader should be willing to take part in the discussion.  The St. Louis County Executive must have the ability to speak with clarity on this issue.  Residents and government officials alike need to be educated on ways we can redefine the relationship between city and county and I would be happy to participate in that discussion. Currently, the majority of county residents are not interested in a full merger of our governments. As County Executive, I would stand with the residents of St. Louis County. Reentry and/or further cooperation between the city and county are worth discussion.  However, the people of St. Louis County do not support taking on city debt or annexation of unincorporated areas.

Real Accountability

We need a Democrat who will lead us into the future based on our values, not the corporate sellouts who trade dollars for contracts and favors. Our government should be working for the people, not for their own political interests. Cooperative leadership needs to replace the current administration’s style of leadership through conflict and vengeance.


Social and Criminal Justice Reform

The problems people face on the streets of our community in their daily lives are all too common. Reform starts first with understanding, but it will take determined leadership that begins with valuing all people.  Just as with failing to provide a safety net with social services we see bad public safety policy come at a cost to our community.


Economic Dispairity

There is real concern that minorities are being shut out of the bidding process in St. Louis County. That does real economic harm to the opportunity for people of color in this community. Everybody should have a right to seek opportunities they are qualified for, especially when they can successfully deliver the people of St. Louis County a quality product.  I will act to employ recommendations put forth by the Disparity Report this administration has failed to act on.  Addressing racial income gaps would boost our economy up to $14 billion  according to the Public Policy Research Center at the University of Missouri- St. Louis.

Jobs and Economic Development

The theory of a “rising tide lifts all boats” in economic policy has only left women and people of color out at sea. We need another approach that looks at the space and market intersection of this region. Only then can we build the roadmap to a more prosperous future for all.  I want to engage in people and planet issues in the region to make stronger communities with more opportunity for all.

St. Louis Venture Works- Wellston

Bill Ray's for St. Louis County, I'm for Bill Ray

I need your support to make the case for progressive change in St. Louis County.  We can bring cooperative and ethical change to the region for once if we work together.